Thursday, 17 September 2009

My Reasons for Not Recommending a Charles Church Home

From ones own experience of living in a new Charles Church home.

1. Poor Customer Service, over and over again - the worst I've ever experienced.
2. Poor Quality and Workmanship - original construction, snagging work, planning.
3. Poor Specification, particularly the things you can't see or don't notice initially (floor joists).
4. Dangersous faults - electrics, central heating (gas), security.
5. Misleading Sales & Marketing - what happened to property misdescriptions act?
6. Stress & illness from trying to fix points 1 to 5.
7. Extraordinary amount of time wasted trying to fix points 1 to 5 - measured in years.

Having talked to numerous owners, I would also not recommend buying a new home from Persimmon Homes or Charles Church.


  1. The financial risk would be my concern, to see friends in a Charles Church home, which they claimed to me they have been unable to sell unless the discount for the defective floor joist installation - try getting a joist that spans 8m out of a house whose internal brick work is 7.9m wall to wall, the only way is to knock holes in the wall and pull the joists out one by one.

  2. Safety is my concern, expecially with Persimmon Homes Central Heating Problems. They need to follow manufacturers advice, guidelines, instructions, but not just on central heating and plumbing, but all other aspects of home building.

    Avoiding the power flush and doing a chemical flush is a great way to save 5 hours (and the cost of the power flush) yet with the consequence the manufacturers instructions when specifying a power flush before boiler is plugged in can be broken, with result that sediment (slush, crud, solder) builds up in the pumps and heat exchange elements, causing them to fail prematurely, and probably causing kettling (very loud banging noises that sound like the boiler might be about to explode) sounds which can be very worrying for home owners.

  3. Charles Church noisey floors would be our worst nightmare. To hear a surveyor tell you the floor is not fit for purpose, that the design is at fault, the quality of items used, and the installation is a problem to say the least.
    Then when told the stud partition walls, the plumbing, the electrics have to come out, so the joists can be removed, and new more suitable ones fitted is a real nightmare.
    Of course the builder doesn't want to admit to the faults, let alone come and do a proper fix.

  4. Buying a charles church & re-locating was meant to be a new start, however it turns out to be a nightmare! Faulty floor joists, dangerous electrics the list goes on. Today we discovered that they have not connected the wires for cable tv, the cable guy informs us that others on our site have had the same issues. One family had to have the walls ripped out, carpets taken up in order for this to be done. They are Cowboys and I would not advise anyone to even think about buying a new home. We had to have the floors ripped up after we have been living in the property for 3 months. The carpenter nearly got electrecuted...due to the mains wires being laid over the metal joists..thank goodness for circuit breakers! Don't buy...or be prepared for insane amounts of stress.

    Now the plumbing is becoming noisy. Site Managers are dismissive to say the least.

    To buy or not to buy? NOT