Sunday, 30 May 2010

Charles Church Floor and Plumbing Problems. Is It Only the First Owner that Need Worry?

After a long drawn out process, often taking 4 to 5 years, then maybe a floor fix, or plumbing fix might be implemented in ones property.

But the fixes the company uses can vary dramatically. Even though one house on an estate might be used as a test case, even if the approved fix is only just suitable for that house (and be aware that house may not be representative of the problem, it might be one of the better examples across a Charles Church estate), that house and others may enjoy a substantially better fix, than the approved (rolled out) method.

Why would Charles Church choose a 'representative home' as one with less of a problem? Because any 'approved fix' based on that home (even if unsuitable for the other homes) could save them money and still likely be rolled out for the other homes.

Noisy floors are one such example within a Charles Church home. When buying a Charles Church house design, which could be a larger or smaller design, either way, within the same house type, different fixes may have been done on different homes, some fixes better than others.

See comments below, for readers findings on Charles Church housing stock.

Friday, 21 May 2010

Charles Church & Persimmon Homes, Poor Customer Service, Low Quality

Charles Church continues not to fix the faults in our new home.

Friday, 7 May 2010

6th May 2010, Persimmon Homes on BBC Watchdog Again

The BBC Consumer Complaints Program, Watchdog, has again featured Persimmon Homes, and more specifically the luxury developer owned by the Persimmon Group plc, Charles Church.

Complaints regarding snagging, customer service, quality and the NHBC warranty and build control (quality control) continue to surface against Persimmon Homes and Charles Church.

For more information of Persimmon Homes Watchdog Customer Complaints, and the luxury builder (sister company) Charles Church follow this link.