Monday, 1 July 2013

What approaches to fixing noisy, unlevel, bouncy floors?

The fixes one was cautious about were; adding additional screws or nails, adding another laying of boarding on top of the existing floor, builders specification of cross bracing, and doing nothing (waiting for the house to improve). Adding screws to a JJI Floor Joist System (I-Beam, semi engineered composite floor) adds upto 12% improvement in performance, such as deflection. However gluing the boards correctly adds upto a 70% improvement - it is mandatory to glue the floor boarding to the joists, but that does not mean it was done, or that it was done correctly. If the above doesn't raise concern for a builder that wants to add screws to a defective floor, then the sheer numbers of failed attempts (such as adding screws) concluded the opinion I had to look for something better, with a realistic chance of success. The way one went, after an intrusional inspection to check joist design, span, hangers, etc and catalogue all the faults, was a combination of solid blocking and joist plating. Based on experience walking floors with various fixes, and on much research from various sources, typical cross bracing (herring bone strutting) was not the way to go.

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Will It Ever Change For New Home Owners

Check out this forum post at Charles Church and Persimmon Homes Owners Forum. We continue to check new Charles Church and Persimmon Homes developments ourselves, and unfortunately quality issues that we faced have still not been addressed. One suggests you carefully check the standard of design, specification and construction - not just the things you can see, but the things you can't - and to ascertain the quality of flooring check for bounce in the show homes, and have someone listen underneath (downstairs) for crack sounds from the ceiling/joists/plasterboard when someone walks across a room above. I would suggest such faults are checked by a chartered surveyor prior to purchase, and a fix agreed and implemented up front. Better than having 3 months remedial work which if you live in will mean much dust and disruption, and if you move out (and later back in again) then the added inconvenience this causes.

Monday, 25 April 2011

They Did Warn Us They Would Pull Out

But is it right? Years later and we are still waiting for faults to be fixed.

Is it right that the builder can refuse to fix one item, because you have complained to the NHBC about another? Is it right that the builder can delay fixing an agreed item indefinitely, even when all parties have agreed to no delay?

The Persimmon Group plc, appears to be able to do what they want, when they want and the home owner is expected to just put up with it. That the NHBC would help them to this end is alarming to say the least.

Still we await simple and difficult faults to be rectified.

Monday, 10 January 2011

New Year, Same Problems, Can Charles Church Change in 2011

Poor Customer Service, Low Quality, and a lack of remedial work is still the theme for Charles Church in 2011. Just how long do we have to wait for simple plumbing issues to be fixed?

How many times can they (Charles Church, part of Persimmon Group plc, which also trades as Persimmon Homes) tell us they are going to fix them, only for them to do nothing?

The wait continues for a house we can live in or sell.

Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Persimmon Homes illegally demolished historic buildings in Banbury's conservation area to make way for apartments

In the news article, Devloper Lays Waste to Heritage, a housing developer has ignored planners and illegally demolished historic buildings in Banbury's conservation area to make way for apartments.

It was reported that Persimmon Homes has knocked down 17-19 North Bar despite warnings from officers at Cherwell District Council to stop work.

From my experience - with over 4 years experience of Persimmon Group plc, and their tactics, including so called 'indpendent reports' - I feel the judgment did not go far enough and that the fines need to be tougher.

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Cowboy Builders, We've Had Enough of Charles Church

The lack of progress and constant battling gets harder and harder, but still we persist in complaining to Charles Church, Persimmon and the NHBC.

Maybe one day regulation and new laws will protect the home owner, and see that Charles Church builds home to a reasonable standard and that failures to do so are resolved in a reasonable time, with consideration for the home owner.