Monday, 10 January 2011

New Year, Same Problems, Can Charles Church Change in 2011

Poor Customer Service, Low Quality, and a lack of remedial work is still the theme for Charles Church in 2011. Just how long do we have to wait for simple plumbing issues to be fixed?

How many times can they (Charles Church, part of Persimmon Group plc, which also trades as Persimmon Homes) tell us they are going to fix them, only for them to do nothing?

The wait continues for a house we can live in or sell.


  1. Tony - did you get your problems resolved? We bought a CC home 3 years ago and have a very simillar story to tell. Just wondered how it all ended up for you? Regards, Bob.

  2. Yes and No. The estate now has a mix of different fixes. General prices for the strenghtening were between 15k and 45k per house, assuming home owners willing/wanting/had to stay in house, more if they were moved out. But the success of these different fixes seems as variable as the fixes themselves. Not sure if some will have to be revisted. Hoping in another year or two will all be resolved and can then move on.