Sunday, 25 April 2010

BBC Watchdog Persimmon Homes Again

BBC Watchdog, Persimmon Homes again - a typical experience we have found out the hard way.

If your considering the purchase of a new home from the Persimmon Group plc, I would advise you carefully consider your decision, and think again.

Whether Persimmon Homes or Charles Church (the luxury side of the Persimmon Group plc), the negative feedback from speaking directly to home owners is overwhelming. And worrying to the point I would not buy a new home from the Persimmon Group plc.

However, we unfortunately did not know this when we purchased new home from Persimmon. And what has so far followed in nearly 4 years of inconvenience, stress and anxiety. As well as bullying and intimidation, and being threatened for not signing documents known to be false.

One day we may be able to sell our Persimmon Home, but it will have to be repaired first, from original faults, and so far this is taking a very very long time.

Thursday, 22 April 2010

Charles Church Customer Service . . The worst in the industry?

The worst in the industry? I think that question could make Charles Church Customer Care and Customer Services sound better than it is, as I think their problems are far far worse than that. We thought we had bought a new home from Charles Church with a 2 year warranty, we thought Persimmon Group plc (they also trade as Persimmon Homes) would put right defects within the first 2 years.

I can't imagine how Charles Church (part of Persimmon Group plc, which also trades as Persimmon Homes) could make a bigger joke than that of their customer services offered to new home owners when those new home owners complain to Charles Church about snagging, new faults, problems, issues, defects etc with their new home.

Charles Church makes many claims when they sell you a new home, but so far, those claims are now water under the bridge, with Charles Church determined not to honour the 2 year warranty on defects.

It seems the perception of quality (taken from an internal staff document) seems the cheaper way to persuade a customer to buy, and what better than using the show home to give the prospective new customer that perception, only then to deliver something else when they build for the paying customer. Perhaps the show house is worth the extra asking price, as it appears to be built to an altogether higher standard. Unlike our own home, which on the surface appeared to be built to the lowest possible standard, but in hindsight is actually below that.

A review of Charles Church with customer reviews and experiences is much needed, as well as a change in the law to hold builders like Charles Church (the luxury builder within the Persimmon Group plc) accountable, and to make them honour their legal obligations.

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Perhaps Steve Roche should trying being a Persimmon new homes customer

Then maybe he will think differently about his claims for Persimmon Homes customer service, and better understand the customer complaints regarding quality, health and safety, etc.

To quote the article regarding Steve Roche of Persimmon Homes --- Steve Roche, managing director of Persimmon Homes Wessex, said: "We take all customer comments extremely seriously and we are sorry to hear of the problems experienced by Mrs Peplow at our Bowerhill development on Shackleton Close, Melksham.

"We understand that a plumber was called out last week to check the boiler and we are currently waiting to receive a copy of the plumber's report in order for us to review and undertake any necessary actions.

"We would like to take this opportunity to reaffirm our commitment to addressing purchaser issues by continuing to deliver the service our homeowners both expect and deserve." --- End of Article Quote

My own views on the (quoted and linked above) article . . . Well is that the whole truth, Mr Roche, we bought from Charles Church, the premium brand of the Persimmon Group plc, and nearly 4 years on the substandard workmanship has not beeen resolved. Including electrics, plumbing, a central heating installation which ignored manufacturers instructions, a gas fire installation which ignored manufacturers instructions, bouncy and noisy floors (which ignored site managers advice to the company, which the site manager alleged) and also appears to have ignored the lessons learned by Brian Thomson on a Charles Church estate built over 10 years ago, when £3 million contingency was put aside to fix problems including dropping, creaking and unlevel floors, and noise travelling through partition walls and floors. Deja Vu we feel, from our own experience.

Unfortunately such problems, for both Charles Church and Persimmon Homes continue, with customer complaints, issues, faults and problems, from the construction, design, workmanship, customer support and services. Will they ever sort themselves out.

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Persimmon Homes, Cavity Wall, Internal Wall, Floor & Sound Insulation

Do we have it, should we have it?

All we know is the noise feels too much, night and day, whatever you do, someone else can hear through the home. But heating insulation and sound insulation are not the only issues. Plumbing, Central Heating, gas fires, gas insulation, secuirty, health and safety, windows, electirc installation, etc etc, problems and issues abound, and the builder is still dodging their contractural obligations (which is the thing we see them do best).