Thursday, 22 April 2010

Charles Church Customer Service . . The worst in the industry?

The worst in the industry? I think that question could make Charles Church Customer Care and Customer Services sound better than it is, as I think their problems are far far worse than that. We thought we had bought a new home from Charles Church with a 2 year warranty, we thought Persimmon Group plc (they also trade as Persimmon Homes) would put right defects within the first 2 years.

I can't imagine how Charles Church (part of Persimmon Group plc, which also trades as Persimmon Homes) could make a bigger joke than that of their customer services offered to new home owners when those new home owners complain to Charles Church about snagging, new faults, problems, issues, defects etc with their new home.

Charles Church makes many claims when they sell you a new home, but so far, those claims are now water under the bridge, with Charles Church determined not to honour the 2 year warranty on defects.

It seems the perception of quality (taken from an internal staff document) seems the cheaper way to persuade a customer to buy, and what better than using the show home to give the prospective new customer that perception, only then to deliver something else when they build for the paying customer. Perhaps the show house is worth the extra asking price, as it appears to be built to an altogether higher standard. Unlike our own home, which on the surface appeared to be built to the lowest possible standard, but in hindsight is actually below that.

A review of Charles Church with customer reviews and experiences is much needed, as well as a change in the law to hold builders like Charles Church (the luxury builder within the Persimmon Group plc) accountable, and to make them honour their legal obligations.

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  1. If Charles Church has competition for title of 'Worst Customer Service in the New Homes Building Industry', then I would like to nominate Persimmon Homes as that compeition. Horror stories on Persimmon Homes seem equally bad, if not worse than Charles Church.