Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Will It Ever Change For New Home Owners

Check out this forum post at Charles Church and Persimmon Homes Owners Forum. We continue to check new Charles Church and Persimmon Homes developments ourselves, and unfortunately quality issues that we faced have still not been addressed. One suggests you carefully check the standard of design, specification and construction - not just the things you can see, but the things you can't - and to ascertain the quality of flooring check for bounce in the show homes, and have someone listen underneath (downstairs) for crack sounds from the ceiling/joists/plasterboard when someone walks across a room above. I would suggest such faults are checked by a chartered surveyor prior to purchase, and a fix agreed and implemented up front. Better than having 3 months remedial work which if you live in will mean much dust and disruption, and if you move out (and later back in again) then the added inconvenience this causes.