Thursday, 10 September 2009

Good Old Charles Church, More Unhappy Customers

Yet again, another news story of an unhappy customer experience with Charles Church, the 'luxury' builder owned by Persimmon Group pld - who also owns Persimmon Homes.

We made the mistake to purchase a Charles Church property over 3 years ago, and we are still awaiting the snagging to be finished, and for some major faults and leaks to even start being fixed or investigated. The builder appears to have bent over backwards to AVOID doing anything to properly redress the issues they caused with poor construction and a lack of quality control. Something which we appear not to be alone in reporting, whether one looks to houses built before or after ours. Even in 2009, the customers one talks to, across Charles Church and Persimmon Homes devlopments are still reporting problems of a similar nature.

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