Thursday, 17 September 2009

Charles Church Noisy & Bouncy Floors

Forget cowboys, is a knight in shinning armour trying to persuade you to rush into a questionable fix for noisy & bouncy floors (not spelt noisey), including deflection, springyness, springiness, bouncing, vibration, flex, damaged floor joists, floors not fit for purpose, unlevel floors, green brick work, dropped brick.
Don't take the short cut fix, make sure the Knight gives you a proper fix to the problem, not a minimum line of noggins across your joists. Read up on benefits of bridging using solid blocking rather than noggins (or herringbone cross bracing).


  1. Having convinced us to take cross bracing as a better fix to joist plating combined with solid blocking, we now find out the property re-purchased by Charles Church has had the joist plating and solid blocking. We feel we have been misled, and have now wrongly taken a cheaper fix, that does not properly address the issues with floor bounce. We will keep you posted.

  2. The customer service manager persuaded us to have the inor cross bracing, telling us the torsion box was no better, and wouldn't solve the rattling furniture problem.

  3. Charles Church and NHBC used a box method (called torsion box if memory serves), similar to joist plating (with ply) and cross bracing with flat sheets (rather than X-Bracing with struts, e.g. wooden 2x2). The box method was vastly superior to the cross bracing fix - in deed personally one could barely detect any improvement with cross bracing (but additional problems developing later on as the cross bracing worked a little loose and contributed to creaking/cracking noises, in part possibly as wrong glue was used, and also as history shows in other instances of cross bracing a degrading occures).
    The torsion box by comparison gave dramatic improvements, not just to virtually elimnate floor bounce (including furniture, cups & saucers, ornaments) and creaking/cracking sounds, but also to dramatcially reduce noise transmission between rooms (those above and below). Installing mising sound proofing around waste downpipes also showed good improvements.