Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Added a site description to the 'Persimmon Blog' today

Our Charles Church New Homes - A nightmare that began with the purchase of a brand new home from Charles Church (part of the Persimmon Group, which includes Persimmon Homes, Westbury Partnership).
The experience Charles Church gave us has been one we regret every day, we wish we had never seen the house, let alone bought it.
Several years on and we are still fighting for the home to be fixed and finished to a reasonable standard. We are not alone, the problems we have occur across estates, whether one looks in 2009, goes back 5 years or 10 years, same problems, same builder.
We are unable to sell our home, unless we take a substantial loss (to compensate a new owner for the cost of fixing the structural and other issues).

The builder continues to avoid investigating the faults, acknowledging the faults, or fixing the faults. They have shown great endeavour in hiding the faults, laying blame elsewhere, intimidating the customer, playing games and wasting time, trying to push a substandard fix on the home owner.

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