Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Better Quality Specification Without a Premium Price, checkout Explore Homes Guillemont Parc

If you want to avoid lowest specification floor joists in a new Charles Church Home (or Persimmon Homes), it could be better to look to other new builders using concrete floors at low prices, for example; Explore Living with its two beautiful new show homes and the sales and marketing suite at Guillemont Parc, Cove. Explore Living says, all the homes at Guillemont Parc benefit from solid concrete upper floors that reduce sound transmission and eliminate squeaky floorboards.

So why do Charles Church sell homes in the region of £600k, with upper floors that have a floor joist system with a Serviceability Index as low as possible, resulting in upto 12mm of deflection on the floor joists? Yet they claim in marketing material to build new homes to 'highest specification'. Search for information on; Charles Church (or Persimmon Homes) Floor Joists, specifically 'minimum Floor Joist Serviceability Index 1.0'.

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