Thursday, 8 July 2010

Show Home Review, Tanners Gate, Persimmon Homes

Interesting information on Persimmon Homes Tanners Gate development, in Hunts Pond Road, Titchfield Common, Fareham.


  1. We had a new Persimmon Home, with many faults, including damp. Not an experience we would recommend to anyone, Persimmon staff ruined our ability to enjoy the new home. We couldn't wait to move out, once we could sell it.

  2. We bought a new Persimmon home not long ago. After we had bought we learnt one of our friends had had problems with Persimmon a few years back, and we felt very concerened.

    Sadly we are having difficulties with the builder, and things are not being sorted out. Our new home is turning out to be the same bad situation as our friend. When she first told us of the problems she had we honestly couldn't beleive it. We saw in writting how the builder would resolve issues in the first two years, and if they didn't the NHBC would. However this just didn't happen for our friend, and it looks like our new home is going the same way.

    Buyer beware, things are not as they may appear with Persimmon Homes.

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