Friday, 9 July 2010

BBC Watchdog, Persimmon Homes and Charles Church

To quote BBC Watchdog editorial which also mentions Persimmon Homes and Charles Church customer service issues. "Two years ago, the NHBC received 63,000 complaints about faults in new houses but last year, during the recession, the number of complaints actually went up. This was despite 40 per cent fewer houses being built".

Persimmon Homes said "We take our customer service and build quality seriously. All new homes will experience a settling in period and it is not unusual for snagging to occur after completion. We endeavour to deal with all items brought to our attention as quickly and thoroughly as possible".

Perhaps they should be fair, and define 'as quickly as possible'. Does this mean 5, 6 or 7 years? And how can they possibly consider that as quick? Typical I would agree, yes - but quick, I think not. We've waited over 4 years now, and still Persimmon Group plc is dragging out remedial works and delaying, whether for the simplist leak or an expensive structural safety issue.

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  1. Persimmon Homes customer complaints regarding poor quality and workmanship appear all too frequently. But the bigger problem is the time they take (as they try to delay or avoid?) trying to fix issues. The repeated failed attempts, or the paper trail of delay, denial repeating over and over. Just as you think you might be getting somewhere, they change staff, all prior agreements/understanding goes out the window, and the process starts again.

    I wouldn't wish Persimmon Homes on my worst enemy.