Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Kings Quarter, Bracknell, Charles Church New Homes

Kings Quarter, Siskin Gate, Jennett’s Park, Bracknell, Berkshire, RG12 8BF.

Review coming shortly.

Charles Church and Persimmon Homes, new developments and estate, get the inside track before you purchase.

Our reviews base quality on both the show home/s and the new estate as a whole, as well as factoring recent similar developments.

For customer service and warranty resolution issues, we weight the review more on new customers experiences over the last 2-5 years (or as long as issues take to resolve, 7 years is not uncommon with Persimmon Group plc). The new estate itself, with only a few homes sold/occupied will not be representative. In particular, it's easiest for Charles Churh to perform remedial work for a couple of house that have issues, whilst the contractors are still on site, plus if new buyers ask those first few customers about customer care and service they'll more likely give a good feedback in the first few months. Of course if you ask them 4 years later, when issues are still unresolved, then they might start to be just a little more critical.

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