Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Dominic Harman, Persimmon Homes' Group Communications Director

This statement is taken from Persimmon Homes website. Dominic Harman, Persimmon Homes' Group Communications Director, statement:

"We welcome the new Consumer code for Housebuilders which we fully complied with in our original customer charter. The new Consumer Code has been developed over many months of consultation with industry stakeholders. It can only be seen as a positive step to further ensure homebuyers get the very best service that they should expect from a responsible and reliable house builder like Persimmon"


  1. Does this mean nothing will change with the introduction of the new Consumer code for Housebuilders? Persimmon Homes and Charles Church (Persimmon Group plc owns both) have some real horror stories regarding quality and customer service, and a general lack of customer care.
    Dominic Harman makes it sound like the new code will have no effect on Persimmon Homes or Charles Church. Perhaps the past and present customer complaints should be considered by those thinking of investing in a new home from the Persimmon Group plc.

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  2. ROFLOL - Dominic Harman is hilarious! I can only take his comments on Persimmon Homes and the new consumer code as meaning one thing, nothing will change!

    What else can he possibly mean by his claim. So for those thinking Persimmon Homes Customer Care would improve with the new code, I think they will be dissapointed. Perhaps Dominic Harmon will care to explain what he meant by "We welcome the new Consumer code for Housebuilders which we fully complied with in our original customer charter".

  3. Hilarious, with a maximum award of £15,000 and a maximum compensation (for delay and such like) of £250 - yes only £250 for delay, stress and inconvenience - it's laughable. Why would the builder take any notice.

    One part exchanged house in the Charles Church division, saw a home owner with a prior Charles Church property transfer to another in the group a few years later only to get similar floor problems in that one as well. After several years and a bill of well over £35k (excludes accomodations and other costs, home owner stayed in property) on the second house, noisy floors have been resolved. But with majority of the Charles Church development having similar issues, yet some having much cheaper fixes and some more expensive it's very confusing to know which might have been fixed completely and which may have outstanding issues.