Friday, 19 February 2010

Will They Ever Fix the Problems on Our Estate in an Open and Professional Manner

Years after building an estate with defects the builder has still not shown us a genuine intent to professionaly investigate and fix the faults in our new home. From the simple issues to the complicated (those which might take 3-4 months of access to the property, although in the past such estimates could run to a year whilst residents moved out).

The builder has got themselves in a bit of a muddle, making home owners wait (since 2008) for the out come of an investigation into one home, and then trying to role out a different method to those effected on the estate to what was done in that home. But then (and this is even harder to fathom) agreeing to do something different with the owner of that original home, different to what they first trialed, which is different to what they are trying to roll out to other homes. Meaning they have 3 different methods. It would probably be quite easy for you to guess if the method they are trying to roll out to the other homes is the cheaper, more expensive, or mid-priced method - but rather than guess, we can document the differences and let you see what's actually behind what appear to us to be rather vague and somewhat misleading claims.

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