Thursday, 4 February 2010

Residents at Luxury Housing Developments Built by Charles Church Were Threatening Legal Action

Charles Church mentioned in another article (prior to purchase by Persimmon Group plc, that also trade as Persimmon Homes). Whilst this article dates back to the late 1990's, I'm not sure if the situation is better yet - certainly our experience feels much worse than that described.

Customer complaints, faults and snags, defects and damage - we still feel we are going round in circles trying to get the builder to meet their obligations to repair faults in the first two years, only we're now almost two years on from those first two years.

Home owners listed problems, some of which were similar to ours, only we are still fighting this in 2010. Our home was built when Persimmon Group plc had already purchased Charles Church, and after Persimmon had opportunity (and describe as much in newspaper articles) to introduce Persimmon Management approach into Charles Church. Not sure it has made any difference to us.

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