Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Persimmon Homes - one of the more trajic customer stories

The most shocking of all the sad customer stories I've heard, was the death of a little boy in a Persimmon Home. The judges findings were of an inadequate set of standards regarding the installation of fire places. I question why the judge stop at criticising the standards for fire places when so many other areas in a Persimmon Group plc home also appear to have a lack of standards.

The coroner’s report said "The lack of national industry standards and regulation for the fitting of fire surrounds, including training, installation, quality inspection, secondary review and audit paper trails, were also a contributory factor," yet I see the electrics, the plumbing and heating installation, the floor joists, the brick works, etc etc to also have a lack of national industry standards in new homes. And with Charles Church (Persimmon) the training, installation, quality inspections and paper trails all seem inadequate in many areas, along with customer service and fault rectification by the builder.








Kind of sad that John White should comment on the Office of Fair Trading investigation (OFT investigation into house building in the UK) - Questions were also raised about the merit of the inquiry by John White, chairman of Britain's largest housebuilder Persimmon, who said: "I don't understand why this is an OFT matter."




http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/2929527/Persimmons-big-investors-back-10m-bonus-scheme.html - Does John White earn his money? I'd like to know how this could have been justified?

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