Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Nothing new about this . . .

Catalogue of faults, customers pressurised into exhanging contracts - we know how this feels.

This really does sum up our experiences with Charles Church, part of Persimmon Group, except we never got the apology. We had dangerous unsafe electrics, substandard upstairs floor (unlevel, noisy, creaky, bouncy, deflecting), and a fire risk on a electric heat exchanger (gas central heating) which took the best part of 9 months to even check, let alone rectify, after the Charles Church representative (The Count as workmen referred to him) was present and we were first informed.

In researching flooring issues with JJI Joists, Persimmon Homes & Charles Church, one found mis-spellings a common issue. E.g. bouncey instead of bouncy, noisey instead of noisy.

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