Monday, 9 August 2010

Persimmon Group plc, Persimmon Homes, Charles Church, Westbury Partnerships

The advertising continues, painting a rosie picture of a safe investment in a new home from the Persimmon Group plc (which includes Charles Church and Persimmon Homes), yet the reality (in our 5th year) of waiting for snagging to be addressed is very different. In fact we feel our experience of buying a new home from the Persimmon Group plc is the total opposite of what we expected from the company's sales and marketing claims.

The customer complaints have continued for far to long with both Persimmon and Charles Church, with the standards being unsatisfactory.

Even the customer sales agents didn't give us an honest or accurate picture, with direct questions being answered incorrectly it later turned out. Yet at least one professional claimed the sales staff had been informed of issues with the new home prior to sale.

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  1. We suffered similar problems with Persimmon Homes, and it's now been over a year, and they are still dragging their heels. Customer complaints for our estate are continuous, with many having similar issues. Plumbing in particular is very poor, with nearly everyone experiencing leaks in the first 6 months.