Monday, 25 January 2010

Residents of Persimmon Homes Developments, Complaints by Home Owners

Yet further information on Persimmon Homes Customer experiences. A development in Glasgow, converted by Persimmon Homes, has led to a residents association being formed.
This has also been done by Charles Church residents, such as those at Clearwater in Surrey.

The review center also has postings by Persimmon Homes customers. Many complaints and unhappy customers have posted their experience with Persimmon Homes. I would add, that not one of these reviews reflect how bad we felt the experience was with a Charles Church home, from the Persimmon Group plc. We feel most news paper stories make the problem sound a less trouble and stress that it was for us.

This newspaper story is interesting. I visited a Charles Church & Persimmon Development in Basingstoke a few years ago, and discovered more of the flooring issues being reported, similar to those that still effect our home to this day. Persimmon Homes may well discuss issues with home owners, and may have a customer service department in place to help . . . but alas I find our experience of Charles Church to be unwilling to discuss anything that causes them to admit fault or responsibility. I also find them unable to work in an open and transparent manner, nor have I found them to be honest and professional. Persimmon Homes customers report similar experiences to ones own.

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