Friday, 18 December 2009

OFT (Office of Fair Trading) Review on House Builders

OFT started a review in 2007 into the home builds, and the UK building industry. However, here we are in 2009, about to start the new year (2010) and I don't see what's change. The new home owner still has the same limited rights. The new home purchase stills FAILS to come under the sale of goods act.

In a Telegraph Article, in 2007 - Questions were also raised about the merit of the inquiry by John White, chairman of Britain's largest housebuilder Persimmon, who said: "I don't understand why this is an OFT matter."

Perhaps the reported news regarding a Persimmon Homes property and the death of a four year old boy would be reason enough, details available from the Telegraph Article - A four-year-old boy was crushed to death when a stone mantelpiece collapsed in his parents' living room, an inquest has heard. A simple 'google' search on Persimmon Homes Complaints and/or Reviews will bring up what I consider to be worrying results.

For me, it's about time legislation was brought in to resolve the issues that new home owners face. The industry code of conduct (which NHBC has been failing to use) was alreay in place on a voluntary scheme by the NHBC, but with no knowledge within the NHBC. Complaints we failing to be addressed by the NHBC. Now they are implementing a compulsory code of conduct, I wonder whether it will have the same issues incorporated, that the NHBC and new builders (we bought from Charles Church, part of the Persimmon Group plc, that includes Persimmon Homes) already utilise to gain an unfair advantage over customers, and to delay and frustrate the home owner regarding the fixing of faults in new homes.

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