Saturday, 17 October 2009

Damp and Mould Can be a Serious Health Issue in a New Home

We suffered from Damp and Mould in our new home, and since realising the cause was a leak, we have stopped using the bathroom. That was over 2 years ago that we realised the connection, but the original mould was discovered over 3 years ago.

The builder in our home, Charles Church, claimed just wiping the mould away would suffice. However, it kept returning. It turned out the leak from a bathroom upstairs, was running on a sloped ceiling (unlevel floors) and then down a wall, which on the far side, was in an under stairs closet. This is where the worst of the mould was found. Less was on the near side of the wall, where the dining room was located. Still the mould should have been dealt with in a professional manner by the builder. We still await the leak to be fixed, then hopefully they might repair the ceilings and walls, and then make sure the mould is properly cleared up.

Come on Charles Church, how hard can it be to build a house in a competent manner.

Persimmon Homes also has press and publicity regarding damp and mould. Other news articles on Persimmon Homes and Mould. Lastly a post asking for advice on damp and mould. On our estate, and other estates I've visited, neighbours & residents were suffering silimalar issues, with similar unsatisfactory consequences.

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